Action items 14, 23 and six other motions were brought to Annual Conference during Sunday’s Plenary. Click here for more information about the action items. The items acted on and approved include:

  • Action Item #14: Native American Partnership Task Force
  • Action Item #23: 2017 Budget (with updated line items on Sunday)
  • Action Item: Acceptance of the Report of the Committee on Nominations
  • Action Item: Empowerment of Committee on Nominations to Fill Interim Vacancies
  • New Action Item to Observe United Methodist Children’s Services Sunday on the Third Week in October
  • Action Item: Designate a Sunday to Pray for Persecuted Christians
  • Action Item: Board of Church and Society Advocacy to Investigate Help for Drug and Alcohol Dependency
  • New Action Item to Suspend Conference Policy 10.3.0 for 2017-2021 [which requires Conference to pay UMC apportionments in 12 equal monthly installments]: This action item in effect gives the Conference some flexibility to pay in a percentage equal to what is received from churches each month. Proposed friendly amendment was accepted: In spite of this change, the Wisconsin Conference will continue every effort to pay their General Conference Apportionments at 100% annually.