Jim Winkler, President and General Secretary of the National Council of Churches, led a Bible Study on Saturday at Annual Conference, focused on the writings of Isaiah. In his introduction of Jim Winkler, Assistant to the Bishop Dan Dick described him as a “champion for human rights and social justice.”

Winkler explained that Isaiah wrote about the role of the prophet, who is a person of vision and a spokesman for God. He said that the prophet’s role was not to foretell, but to forth tell, to tell the truth and be a legitimate spokesperson for God. He continued, “Divine inspiration was what defined a prophet. Prophets came from all walks of life…spoke where and when they thought they would be effective."

Winkler asked the Conference to discuss how you determine false versus authentic prophets.

He said, “it’s subjective. It’s hard to change our minds when we hear things that we don’t want to hear.” He said that effective prophets are not conservative, and don’t support the status quo. They effect local and and pollitical changes. Prophets are called to make change, so that all of God’s children have access to God’s bounty, Winkler concluded.