Bishop Sharon Rader, former Wisconsin Conference Bishop, preached during the Retiree Recognition and Worship Service on Saturday afternoon. She spoke on the theme of “The Road Goes Ever On and On” and read from the scripture Genesis 12:1-9. Bishop Rader said “You may be leaving one form of ministry, but the road goes on and on. As long as you have breath, there is more to be done, more to be learned, more to give, more to receive.”

“This is also a time to celebrate,” she said, “celebrate what will be, celebrate what has been, celebrate what you have done when you joined Christ in ministry.”

Rader continued, “Congratulations, thank you, well done, you have been faithful….but you are not done with ministry or leading others. You need to become mentors for the next generation, to share ideas and ideals.”

In a booklet created to honor the 17 retirees, Bishop Jung shared his congratulations. He said, “Words can hardly express the depth of appreciation that we have for your excellent leadership and ministry with and through the Wisconsin Annual Conference. We offer you our blessing as you enter a brand new phase of your life and ministry. Each of you has built faithfully upon the foundation and work of others; each of you has shared unique and God-given gifts to build God’s Church. Our Conference is what it is today because of your good work. Feel proud and blessed as you reflect on your lifetime of ministry, and know that your legacy will be appreciated for years to come.”

The 17 retirees who were honored include: Lucinda Alwa, Christine Ann Bethke, Christal Mae Bindrich, Susanne Lee Burwell, Margaret D. DeMaris, Lamarr Vann Gibson, Domnik Israel, Edward Steven Jones, Nancy Lanman, Betty K. “Betsy” Miller–Ruben, Scott McMurray, Richard Lee Olson, Bruce Stunkard, Wendell Eugene Williams, Amber Lynn Wolover, Naolue Yang, and Steven E. Zekoff.