At a Saturday evening dinner banquet, Conference leaders and attendees celebrated church giving to Imagine No Malaria as well as the past four years that Bishop Jung has shared with us.

Celebrating Imagine No Malaria

Jean Nicholas, Director of Development, announced that we have exceeded our goal of raising $1 million for Imagine No Malaria (INM), thanks to gifts from all 460 United Methodist Churches in Wisconsin ranging from $5 to $60,000.We actually raised more than $1,023,000,  Nicholas announced. She thanked the 111 churches who set goals, calling them “the pace-setting marker that told us we could do this.” She also recalled many ways in which Wisconsin churches and people of all ages raised money for INM over the last two years, from walks to lemonade stands to motorcycle rides and so much more. “Churches were willing to step out in faith and invite people to participate,” she said. Click here to see her Power Point slides.

Ashley Gish, Imagine No Malaria Assistant Campaign Director, said she was in awe of the work we have accomplished. “When I look at a room full of people like you, I see people that have dreamed big dreams and don’t back down. What you’ve one is truly incredible, and I know it wasn’t easy.” She said The United Methodist Church is serving as a model for other churches in the way that we place a priority on Abundant Health. She added that “while the people whose lives you have saved in Africa may not know your names, they know your love through your efforts.”

Watch the Thank You INM video and "Able" Performance from General Conference that were shown.

Thanking Bishop Jung

Dan Schwerin, chair-elect of the Conference Episcopacy Committee, said that what strikes him the most about Bishop Jung is how generous he is. “He goes to churches and talks about abundance and it’s not a program – it’s just who he is.” He added that he is a “fine theologian” who is concerned with God’s future. “You can’t spend five minutes in a room with him without hearing about the future, and being impressed by the burden he has for God’s future. He has a great passion for us to find what is possible in God’s future. We are very blessed.”

Amanda Stein, current chair of the Conference Episcopacy Committee, thanked Bishop Jung for visiting all churches in WIsconsin. "Thank you for making connections with every congregation. It is so good to feel your enthusiasm and to see your bold vision for leading us forward in prophetic ways." Click here to watch the Thank You Bishop video that was shown.

Mary Anne Cotter, on behalf of the Methodist Federation for Social Action, presented the Perry Saito award to Bishop Jung. “This is a great surprise,” he said. He talked about how much he respected Perry Saito and felt connected to him as a fellow Asian leader in Wisconsin. “He was the first Asian District Superintendent in Wisconsin; I was the second. I am so honored.”

At the end of the evening, Bishop said, “I am humbled and grateful – there are no words to express how I feel. You ignite the fire as Wisconsinites and United Methodists. There is tremendous joy surrounding this place. We are for God, no matter where we are. I hope God sends me back.”