Bishop Jung delivering the Wisconsin Conference state of the church address

Have you been curious about these packets of wild flower seeds in your Conference materials? Sow these seeds, and they may grow cone flowers, daisies, blue flax, and other Wisconsin wild flowers. As they grow and blossom in your yards and gardens, I hope you will be reminded of our Conference. I rejoice that seeds are being shared with us, not only because we will enjoy their beauty, but because they will be a reminder of how God works. God asks us to plant seeds and trust that God will make them grow!

Since being sent back to Wisconsin, I’ve made it a personal priority to become acquainted with every one of our ministries! Thus far I have visited with members of 330 congregations. I’ve visited 39 circuits. I’ve been with four Health and Welfare Ministries. From these visits, I have learned much. I am encouraged by the faithfulness that I have seen in so many of our congregations! I plan to complete my visits to every congregation in November.

Everywhere I have travelled in my church visits, I have seen evidence of great things growing and developing. When people come together to plant seeds in the ministry of Jesus, good things will certainly follow! I want to thank all of you that I have met for all you do. My interactions with you have brought me great joy! They continue to rekindle my passion for the Wisconsin Conference and its ministry!

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