Rev. Dr. Dianne Reistroffer, an elder in the Wisconsin Conference and former dean of Louisville Theological Seminary, led a second Bible study Sunday morning at the Wisconsin Annual Conference. She continued her theme of Sowing the Seeds of Holiness: Freed by Love, Acting with Justice with a focus on Social Holiness. She once again spoke about the evangelist Phoebe Palmer. According to Reistroffer, Palmer’s bold witness to the power of holiness did not stop at the personal; she and others reached out in acts of charity and justice. Palmer said that “love begets love” and “love begets service.” Palmer believed, Reistroffer explained, that it was the work of all Christians to uphold the dignity of each person and to advocate for social reforms that would reflect the love, mercy, and justice of God.

Reistroffer said that Wesley reminds us that we cannot be holy unless we are helping the world to be a better place. She said that our mission covenant and our apportionments all sow the seeds of holiness. “Aren’t we glad that we are United Methodists,” she proclaimed.  Reistroffer said, “I marvel at how this Conference has promoted justice issues; I have frequently held up this Conference for its women and diversity leadership.