Bishop Ott speaking at the Wisconsin Annual Conference 2014

Bishop Ott gave a heartfelt sermon filled with wisdom at the service of Licensing, Commissioning and Ordination on Sunday. He talked about his granddaughter, Cora, who was recently confirmed, and gave the clergy advice that he hoped his granddaughter would also heed. “Give lots of attention to the Bible stories that include Jesus,” he said.

He also advised, “Christians are a diverse people; choose carefully from whom among them you take your cues.” He also suggested keeping two key verses of the Bible at the heart of everyday life, and asked the clergy to remember their mission and goal. “Clergy are appointed to churches, but these people are not your mission,” he said. “Children, the poor, and the principalities of this world should be your focus. The Church and its disciples are your mission team; you need to get on with the task of making disciples for the transformation of the world.”

During the service, Jayneann Gagner and Elizabeth A. Weed were commissioned for the work of an elder; Michael Weaver was presented for credentialing as a person who has been elected as an associate member for service as a pastor under appointment of the Bishop, and Nhia Wahn Her was recognized as an elder. Four people were ordained as elders, including Karen Louise Bankes, Ebenezer Kwasi Insor, Dawn Jeffers Ramstad, and Kyochul Shin. Judy Vasby was commissioned as a deaconess.

Seventeen clergy were licensed as local pastors, including:

  • James Aniol
  • Procopio Arellano
  • Pagie Boyer
  • Michael Brubaker
  • Breanna Dahl
  • Larry Douma
  • Willard Jewson
  • Jaesun Kim
  • Johanna Mahnke
  • Benjamin Morris
  • Dan Nault
  • David Pluss
  • Gail Ray
  • Luke Thao
  • Lisa Weaver
  • Keith Wolf
  • Tou Yang

Following the service, the individuals that were licensed, commissioned and ordained were honored at a celebration dinner. Each of them spoke words of gratitude, and Bishop Jung congratulated them.