Gordon Lind addressing the Wisconsin Conference cabinet during Annual Conference 2014

Nicolet-Winnebago District Superintendent Gordon Lind presented the Cabinet address Saturday afternoon. He talked about the ways the Cabinet is Sowing the Seed, as well as tending to seeds already planted.

“Cabinet knows, as you know, that the sowing we have done in ministry, in relationships, in supervision, is a good effort, but it is not enough,” Lind said. “We want the seeds not to die but to grow. We want our imagined future to be better and stronger. We as conference need to tend the seed.” He explained the initiatives that need tending, including 40 potential new ministries dreamed by District Strategy Teams, and Circuit Ministry 2.0. “Using God’s abundance, recruitment, and all people’s gifts, we imagine a God-sized dream,” he said.

Lind also spoke in favor of the redistricting proposal which, if passed on Sunday, would change current geographical boundaries of the four districts by adding a fifth district and District Superintendent. “I stand before you with my retirement pin in my pocket,” Lind, a District Superintendent for seven years, said. “I know the joy of superintending – and also the challenge. The redistricting proposal is a step in the right direction, and an investment in our future. I believe the benefits far outweigh the costs.” He noted that some benefits include a more manageable number of congregations and clergy for each superintendent; more opportunity for relationship-building between congregation, clergy, and cabinet; a positive impact on leadership development, appointment-making, and starts to new appointments. Click here to read the Redistricting FAQ Sheet.

A new member of Cabinet was introduced, Enrique Gonzalez, incoming Director of Congregational Development; and a new member of Extended Cabinet was introduced, Sharon Cook, incoming Coordinator of Camping and Retreat Ministry. After his address, Bishop Jung thanked Lind for his years of service to the Conference, wished him well in retirement, and introduced his successor, Sue D’Allesio. D’Allesio said, “Gordon has planted many seeds, watched them grow, and some are still growing. My task will be to continue what he has started, harvest what he has sowed and model from the ministry. I welcome the opportunity to follow in his gardening steps, and look forward to serving you and serving with you.”

Click here to read the full address.