According to Discipleship Leadership Council Members Jason Mahnke and Dan Dick, the team is striving to Imagine Wisconsin Anew by helping to provide resources and training to congregations all over the state. Additionally, he said, for the third year in a row, the group is offering a Learning Day on Monday, June 23 following the Conference session. Each person who attends will receive materials that can be used to forward their church’s ministry.

Mahnke reported that training will also be offered in October and November for the launching of Circuit Ministries 2.0. And, in 2016 another stewardship campaign developed by the Discipleship Leadership Resource Teams will be launched, he said. Dan Dick said that we need to live into the new future that God is calling us to. “The DLC and its resource teams are all working together to create the training and resources to help make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world,” he said.

Don Greer, Coordinator of Circuit Ministries, talked about how we are Imagining Wisconsin Anew through Circuit 2.0. He explained that the relaunch of circuit ministries will provide a unique role for laity and a focus on congregation vitality. It will be a team approach with clergy and laity teams determining the ideas to work on, Greer said. Click here to more information about Circuit 2.0.