Student Internship Opportunities at University Christian Ministries (UW-Milwaukee)

University Christian Ministries (UCM) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is seeking undergrad and graduate students interested in serving their peers in an internship capacity. We currently have four open positions. These internships will have students leading small groups, organizing service and outreach events, and also serving within a local congregation. Each internship position includes free housing (conveniently located right across street from campus) or a stipend. If you know of a student currently attending or beginning at UWM in the fall, please share this information and application.

About UCM: University Christian Ministries (UCM) is a multi-denominational campus ministry which seeks to serve students, staff and faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. As we accompany and inspire students to continue in their faith journey, it is our hope that ministry may flourish not only in our building, but throughout the wider-community of people who call Milwaukee home.

For many years, UCM was home to the food pantry for students at UWM. Our mission was to help students experiencing food insecurity by providing meal, fellowship, and other forms of nourishment. Recently, the university has wrapped this food pantry into its own student services as they more actively seek to address this “hidden” problem on campus. Turning from that mission to a new one, our students, board of directors, and executive director are excited to continue to provide spiritual nourishment and community to the students, staff, and faculty of UWM as we seek to be a place where people of all backgrounds, those residing on campus and those commuting, can find their place in God’s story and explore how their career and life ambitions might meet the needs of God’s people and creation.

University Christian Ministries is located at 2211 E Kenwood Blvd, Milwaukee, WI 53211. We receive support from the American Baptist Church, Presbyterian Church (USA), United Church of Christ, the United Methodist Church, local congregations, and the generous support of individuals who value our mission to students at UWM.