Minister of Music - Algoma & West Kewaunee UMC


804 Parker Ave., Algoma, WI 54201

Algoma & West Kewaunee UMCs are small and community-focused congregations located on
the southwest tip of the Door County Peninsula, WI. 
They are facing the struggles of ministry during a pandemic in a rural area that we believe will respond to a musician
and a music ministry that takes the time to get to know the people and the
needs of the community in ways that foster and encourage musical
creativity, particularly in the genres of praise and worship.
We are entering a new phase in our congregational ministry, where our focus and
gaze for ministry is pointing more and more outside of ourselves, toward the
community around us. We realize the importance of a music ministry in any
congregation, and especially recognize the historical as well as the present-day
importance of music in the church. We are looking for a Minister of Music
who has the faith, passion, talent, creativity, and patience to musically meet our
congregation and community right where we are, and can grow with us to where
the Spirit of God is leading.
Some of the Initial Qualifications for this position include:
· Ability to work well in a team setting that includes the expectation of
constructive participation as well as the ability to receive constructive
· Proficiency in both reading music or playing by ear, with the ability
to play more than one instrument a plus.
· Familiarity with the music of the Methodist religious tradition both
past and present, and at least some familiarity with music that has spiritual meaning but is not necessarily religious. 
· Ability to organize, lead, direct, and publicly present choirs or other forms
of musical ensembles made up of people from all different generations.
· A proficiency and desire to work musically with children, youth and older

The Main Duties of this position include:
· Provide inspiring and worshipful music during all Sunday worship services
and scheduled special event services.
· Work weekly in collaboration with the Pastor to prepare the musical
experiences and themes for Sunday worship.
· Work monthly in collaboration with the Worship/Music Team to discuss
ideas for themes, celebrations, and opportunities that would enhance and
expand the worship schedule.
· Constantly introduce new music and musical expressions to our
worship experiences while fostering an interactive, inviting, and worshipful
musical atmosphere.
· Organize, rehearse, and present choirs or other musical ensembles whose
aim is to enhance the worship experiences, as well as to provide
opportunities for worship participation.
· Look for and create opportunities to invite and engage the larger
community that we are a part of in musical expression that fosters
creative community praise.
· This is a team-oriented position that includes and presumes cooperation
among Pastor, Minister of Music, and the Worship/Music Team. This
position will be under the immediate supervision of the Pastor.

· This is a part-time staff position, with expectations of an average ten (10)
hour work week (if serving both congregations), with a starting
compensation of $125 - $150/week. Compensation to be paid bi-monthly.
· This position does not contain any additional benefits.

To Apply
Submit resume and cover letter to Rev Jennifer Emert at
Cover letter should describe your interest in the position and your experience
with enthusiastic, inclusive Church music.

Contact: Jennifer Emert

Address: 804 Parker Ave Algoma WI 54201

Email: Click to email