Church Accompanist

The position provides piano and or organ accompaniment for worship services and other church functions including weddings and funerals.

Education, Skills and Ability:
Be able to display a professional level of musical talent from training and experience. Have a thorough working knowledge of the congregation’s worship services and a theological understanding of church music. Be able to communicate well and in a friendly manner with the pastors, worship team, church choir, praise group, and members of the congregation.

Job Performance Requirements:

1.   Provide piano and or organ accompaniment in a professional manner for all worship services and all seasonal and special services.

2.    Provide piano and or organ accompaniment for weddings and funerals and be permitted to receive additional compensation from the parties involved.

3.   Facilitate worship by the congregation to sing and worship through the excellent execution of hymns and liturgy.

4.  To invest 8-12 hours per week.

Job Expectations:

1.   Shall rehearse sufficiently to maintain a high quality of music.

2.   An annual performance review will be done.

Compensation, $13,179 annually.

Contact: Dwight Morgan

Address: 12860 West North Avenue Brookfield WI 53005

Phone: 262-782-4408

Email: Click to email