Director, National Plan for Hispanic/Latino Ministry (NPHLM)  Remote Work Arrangement

Director, National Plan for Hispanic/Latino Ministry (NPHLM)  Remote Work Arrangement 

Interviews start Mid-October 2021 

About the Organization 

Global Ministries connects The United Methodist Church, its people, and congregations to partner with  others engaged in God’s global work, which takes place in a variety of settings, countries, and cultures. Global  Ministries works through missionaries and partners in more than 60 countries around the world.  

In recognition and celebration of the increasing diversity of the world, Global Ministries administers four of  The United Methodist Church’s six ethnic/language ministry plans, also known as the U.S. “national plans.”  

The National Plan for Hispanic/Latino Ministry strives for a dynamic and growing church, joyously sharing,  and living the Good News of Jesus Christ in a multiplicity of places, in a variety of cultural settings, reaching  the Hispanic and Latino communities throughout the US and embracing their cultural richness and diversity.  

Job Summary  

The primary responsibilities of the person in this position shall be to work with the national committee of The  National Plan for Hispanic/Latino Ministry (NPHLM) in its coordination and oversee the implementation of all  components of the national plan with general agencies and annual conferences.  

Essential Job Functions  

▪ Resource the committee on Hispanic/Latino ministries in setting policy, direction for the  development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.  

▪ Work with the committee in coordinating responses by general agencies and annual conferences. ▪ Develop resources, strengthen ecumenical relations, provide interpretation, and participate in  establishing a curriculum which reflects the inclusive and global understanding of the UMC.  ▪ Support the GBGM Mission Education and the national committee in the promotion of the Challenge  Fund: work in keeping the Board-wide responsibility of the elimination of racism at the local and  global context.  

▪ Support and guaranty the solvency of the national office by creating and submitting a quadrennial  financial budget to General Conference and developing fundraising strategies.  

▪ Performs other duties as assigned.  

Major Accountabilities  

▪ Provide leadership to the development of program initiatives in collaboration with general agencies,  annual conferences, and seminaries.  

▪ Provide up to date financial information to the committee.  

▪ Analyzes issues/concerns related to the Hispanic/Latinos population in the US.  

Education and Experience  

▪ Master’s Degree.  

▪ Eight (8) to ten (10) years’ experiences as a pastor of a Hispanic/Latino church, director of a religious  non-profit organization, or conference staff director for a committee on Hispanic/Latino ministry or  another similar ministry. 

Director, National Plan for Hispanic and Latino Ministry 

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Key Job Specific Competencies  


Represents the plan as an ambassador to the wider church, a willingness to lead through change and  adversity, able to make the tough calls when needed, build consensus, take charge, and offer opinions and  direction; ability to organize and motivate people to get things accomplished in a way that everyone feels a  sense of order and direction.  

Communicate Strategic Thinking/Management  

Creates and communicates a long-term vision, balances short- and long-term goals keeps own, and team’s  work aligned with overall goals, understands the market and can predict change, understands the industry  and the competition, creates and adjusts strategic plans.  

Exercise Business Judgement 

Requires a willingness to take on responsibilities and challenges and make well-informed, effective, and  timely decisions, even when data is limited, or solutions produce unpleasant consequences; perceives the  impact and implications of decisions. Some experience with grant writing would be helpful.  


Requires accountability and continuous improvement and the ability to make timely and effective decisions  and produce results through strategic planning and the implementation and evaluation of programs and  policies.  

Job Requirements  

▪ A deep knowledge and understanding of the Hispanic/Latino population and its various generations  in the US.  

▪ Bilingual English and Spanish skills required. Fluency in Portuguese would be helpful. ▪ Must have a clear understanding of the structural organization, mission, and global perspectives of  the United Methodist Church.  

▪ Travel up to 20% when permitted and safe to do so.  

Diversity and Inclusion Expectation  

At Global Ministries we expect our managers to create a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment for their  teams and that they model this behavior in their internal (among all employees) and external (business)  relationships.  

Global Ministries is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  

Human Resources is accepting applications. If you are interested in being considered for the National Plan for  Hispanic Latino Ministry Director position, please Apply Here and submit your cover letter and resume. 

No outside Firm/Agency calls.