Connect Ministry Director

Job Summary:  The Connect Director is responsible for the development, coordination and implementation of all aspects of Sugar River United Methodist Church’s worship and hospitality life.  


Essential Functions:

  • Equip others to fulfill their call to ministry.

  • Oversees and coordinates all aspects of worship, including worship design, media, worship assistants, visual arts.  

  • Oversee worship design team, which includes Pastor, Music Coordinator, Chancel Design, Liturgy, Worship Volunteer, Media Coordinator, Graphic Arts.

  • Oversees worship logistics, including communion, greeters/ushers, liturgists, discipleship moment, children's message, worship theme.

  • Oversee worship content for Source & e-Source.

  • Oversee band & music for worship and special events.

  • Oversee Congregational Life Coordinator, including the Connection Center, fellowship activities, events, new member assimilation, and outreach to community groups.

  • Coordinate with the graphic arts team to brand worship themes throughout the church.

  • Oversees chancel design team.

  • Develop and oversee paid and unpaid staff positions in Connect areas.

  • Develop and oversee the annual budget for Connect areas.

  • Work with the Facility Manager for sanctuary set-up.

  • Work weekly with the Directors Team to coordinate church life.

  • Participate in biannual planning retreats. 

  • Supervise Worship Arts Coordinator (WAC responsibilities include:)

    • Responsible for selecting music elements for worship and special services, including special music ensembles.

    • Ensures that worship services includes thematically consistent worship elements.

    • Coordination of band members and scheduling.

    • Coordinate and lead band rehearsals.

    • Recruit and train band members.

    • Direct, coordinate, and lead Sugar River Youth band.

    • Coordinate music for children’s programs.

    • Coordinate with the Media Coordinator to ensure that audio/video volunteers are present for rehearsal and Sunday morning.

    •  Work with the Communication team to ensure that worship and special services are advertised. 

    • Coordinate with Event Coordinator for band/worship tear down and set-up when special events occur in the worship auditorium.

  • Supervise Visual Arts Team (VAT responsibilities include:)

    • Develop all visual art elements for worship, including:

      • Chancel design

      • Presentation of Worship Slides

      • Church and community wide artistic elements for Com/Market Team.

  • Supervise Congregational Life Coordinator & Hospitality Team (responsibilities include:)

    • Coordinate and train Connection Center staff on church information.

    • Ensures that Connection Center is staffed during Sunday worship.

    • Ensures that Connection Center has appropriate materials.

    • Coordinate weekly fellowship between services.

    • Coordinate other hospitality and fellowship events as needed.

    • Responsible for New Member Assimilation:

      • Coordinate with the WAVE team to identify potential new members and ensure that WAVE tasks are completed in a timely manner.

      • Responsible for the assimilation of guests and new members

        • Develop and coordinate guest mentors and membership process

      • Responsible for membership care, including maintaining membership and updating PowerChurch.

      • Responsible for guest services.

      • Develop and put up welcome screen announcements.

  • Supervise Food Services Coordinator (FSC responsibilities include:)

    • Coordinate snacks and beverages for weekly Sunday morning Fellowship 

    • Coordinate food needs for special events/meetings.

    • Manage the kitchen equipment and supplies

    • Develop and maintain kitchen and food services budget

  • Supervise Media Technology Coordinator (MTC responsibilities include:)

    • Recruit, train and schedule audio and video volunteers. 

    • Oversees worship presentation team and announcement slides.

    • Coordinate media needs (design and tech support) for events as needed.

    • Evaluate and develop current and future equipment needs. 

    • Develop and maintain the Media budget.


Other Responsibilities:

  • Participate in weekly Director meetings.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Demonstrates skill and success in a team environment

  • Passion for helping people connect in their discipleship journey

  • Giftedness in identifying and involving people in ministry/mission


Physical Requirements:

  • Able to handle day-to-day operations of the work.


Core Competencies:

  • Compassion and Care – Demonstrates a sense of caring for others; responds with empathy to the life circumstances of others; communicates a sense of support; demonstrates appropriate expressions of care with proper boundaries.

  • Ethics, Values and Integrity – Honors the core values and beliefs of Sugar River UMC in his/her choice of behaviors.  Consistently embodies appropriate behavioral choices in both stressful and non stressful situations.  Is seen as trustworthy; practices direct, honest and transparent communication; keeps confidences; doesn’t operate with hidden agendas; responds to situations with constancy and reliability.

  • Influencing and Informing Others – Encourages others to cooperate and participate; uses verbal and nonverbal skills to communicate respect for others, and to generate energy, passion and commitment to an idea; creates an environment that others want to participate in.  Provides information appropriate to events and situations; helps people understand the information and knowledge and its relevance to the task at hand; is timely and transparent in the sharing of information.

  • Mission Ownership – Demonstrates understanding and full support of the mission, vision, values and beliefs of the congregation; demonstrates those values to others; consistently behaves in a manner congruent with the mission, vision, values and beliefs.

  • Creativity and Innovation – Generates new ideas; makes new connections among existing ideas to create fresh approaches; takes acceptable risks in pursuit of innovation; learns from mistakes; has good judgment about which creative ideas and suggestions will work.

  • Leadership Development: Encourages others to discover and engage their giftedness and skills in service to the larger community; calls out the best in others; supports others in the development of their skills and abilities; actively seeks to engage others more directly in the leadership life of the congregation; thinks strategically about the continual need for a next generation of leaders and works to build the leadership base.

Contact: Jamie Day

Address: 415 W Verona Avenue Verona WI 53593

Phone: 6088455855