Administrative Assistant


The Administrative Assistant, under the general supervision of the Pastor and the Staff Parish Relations Committee, performs routine secretarial duties as well as a variety of tasks that require planning and organization to meet deadlines and quality standards.  The position requires interpersonal skills necessary to coordinate the work flow among Church staff and volunteers of the congregation.


The Administrative Assistant will need to have a working knowledge of office machines and proficiency in computer technology.  Will need a working knowledge of computer software including preparing documents using Microsoft word; preparing bulletins, newsletters, flyers and other documents using Publisher; database management; spread sheet creation; and website maintenance. Will need a working knowledge of or be able to learn additional software designed specifically for managing Church databases including membership and financial records.  Will need a working knowledge of communication software such as Zoom, Outlook, email, and Facebook.  It is essential that the Administrative Assistant have the necessary verbal skills that are required to greet visitors to the Church and for speaking on the phone.


Prepare Church Service bulletins and overlays for video production system

Maintain master calendar of all events, activities and functions of the Church

Send postcards, emails or meeting minutes for scheduled meetings as needed

Manage digital communications to distribute information and for marketing

Distribute incoming mail (open, sort, route and prioritize)

Maintain visitor, membership and other Church databases

Perform follow-up communication with visitors and existing members

Prepare Church financial reports

Make changes to the Church Website

Maintain Church Directory (both print and computer files)

Greet visitors to the Church

Answer the telephone

Assist with the distribution of the newsletter (both electronic and print)

Compile annual reports for Church Conference

Compile information for yearly Conference Statistical Reports

Prepare certificates for marriage, baptism, membership, etc.

Prepare routine correspondence of the Church.

This position serves as Administrative Assistant to the Pastor.  Any question about the priority of duties and responsibilities shall be resolved by the Pastor.


The Administrative Assistant will independently determine and arrange for the purchase of office supplies, postage and other materials as needed.  The
Administrative Assistant will also arrange for service calls to repair office equipment and notify Trustees of any problems regarding the maintenance of the Church.


The Administrative assistant will need to contact the Staff Parish Relations Committee Chairperson when there are any personal concerns.  Requests for vacation or other time off shall be cleared with the Pastor and then communicated to the Staff Parish Relations Committee Chairperson.


Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


Ten vacation days per year

7 Holidays per year


$ 14.00 per hour beginning salary.  Increased to $ 15.00 per hour after 6 months of acceptable service.

Contact: Tom Rowe

Address: 3450 South 52nd St Greenfiled WI 53219

Phone: (414) 331-3753