Church Charge Conference Forms Support

Welcome to our Church/Charge Conference support page!

An email has been sent out from Heidi Careaga, District Administrator, to every clergy, SPRC Chair, Church Council Chair and Office Manager. The email included information on how to access the Church/Charge Conference forms via the personalized “People Portal”. The People Portal is a feature of the conference website to access your online Charge Conference forms. If you have a responsibility for a church/charge conference make sure your information is updated in the Church Portal. Contact your pastor or Church administrator for assistance.

On the left side of your personalized People Portal page you will see a menu with links to update your contact information, clergy directory, Info. Sheet for Appointment Update (Clergy and SPRC only), and your church dashboard for your charge/church. On the Church Dashboard  you need to update assignments and contacts.

Popular supported web browsers: Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, we recommend that you use the latest version.

This is the second year that the “People Portal” is used for you to access your online Church/Charge Conference forms. We are not sending a link this year, but rather we want you to login to your "People Portal". For help to access your People Portal please read these instructions: Instructions on How to Login to People Portal

Some forms are completed by downloading a PDF form and then uploading (attach) that form back to the online form. Or supporting documents may be uploaded. Be sure to download the PDF to your local computer so you can save the completed version for upload. Some web browsers will display the form when you click on the link, but you need to download it to be able to fill it in and save your work.

INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO:  We have made this short video available for you to understand the Charge Conference Forms submission process such as to navigate accessing the People Portal and Church Dashboard. It also shows the steps to completing each online form.

Key points to remember:

  • You can save a form and return to it if you need to gather information.
  • After filling out and saving ALL the forms – you must also OFICIALLY SUBMIT all the forms. Once you do that, you cannot make further edits.
  • If you need to edit a form after you have "officially submitted" the forms, contact one of our District Administrators. They can “un-submit” the forms so you can make changes.
  • Some forms need to be passed to another person (finance or trustees chair for example). Copy the URL link from the web browser of the FormVite and sending to them via email.

2022 Compensation Form (due 10 days prior to the Charge Conference):

  • If your church/charge has more than one clergy, from the church portal please fill an online form for each clergy.
  • If you are appointed to a multiple point charge please submit only one support worksheet on the church Charge Conference Forms portal for your primary church. Remember to do the percentage Multiple Charge Breakdown at the bottom of the Compensation form.
  • Important documents for your reference: 
  • The amount on line 1 of your Compensation Form must be equal to or greater than the MINIMUM SALARY amount listed below. These  amounts were approved at the 2021 Annual Conference. Churches are encouraged to pay above the minimum. The 2022 recommended Minimum Compensation amounts are 2.0% higher than 2021.
    • Full Elders and Deacons, Provisional Members and Associate Members  $44,578
    • Licensed Local Pastors  $40,331
  • To PRINT a blank Compensation form: Fill out the basic information (Charge, Name, Clergy & Appointment Status, District & Email) on the Compensation Form and right click anywhere on the form (or click Ctrl+P) to send to print.

Feel free to call or email us with any questions. Thank you in advance for submitting your forms in a timely manner keeping in mind the Charge Conference Due Dates.

District Administrators: