Board of Ordained Ministry

Welcome to The Board of Ordained Ministry (BOM) page of the WI Conference!

Our BOM strives to journey alongside people as they explore ministry, provide support and advocate for all Wisconsin UMC clergy.

I hope that you find what you are looking for on this page, but if you don’t, please feel free to reach out.


Rev. Ty Hines
Coordinator of Clergy Credentialing and Vocational Discernment
608.478.2828 Ex:2278

We host three Inquiring Candidates Retreats each year. This is a retreat to explore the possibility of ministry in the WI Conference of the UMC. We offer this retreat in January, July and October. Our 2023 dates are July 28-30 and October 6-8.

Listed below are the leaves offered in the UMC.  If you are interested in further exploring these options, please contact Rev. Ty Hines at

  • Personal, Family, Transitional or Medical Leave: These leaves, either temporary or on-going, are options for clergy members in full connection if you cannot continue in ministry in your current appointment. A request for a leave can be submitted for approval to the Bishop, District Superintendent and Board of Ordained Ministry. Personal, family and transitional leaves are explained in ❡353 and medical leave is in ❡356 in the Book of Discipline.
  • Paternity/Maternity Leaves: You can request to take up to one-fourth of a year.  Your request of leave should go be sent your District Superintendent and Rev. Ty Hines (BOM). Details around Paternity and Maternity leaves are found in ❡355 of the Book of Discipline.
  • Renewal Leave: Many clergy are eligible to take a renewal leave. To request a renewal leave you do not need to consult the Board of Ordained Ministry; rather, these requests are managed at the local church level and with your District Superintendent. The WI UM Foundation has money available to assist with renewal leaves. Details about renewal leaves can be found in the Book of Discipline ❡350.

This residency program is for those that have been commissioned and are planning on applying for Full Membership and Ordination. Our residency program consists of three parts.

  1. Provisional Mentor Groups: Provisional Members will meet with their assigned mentor group monthly.
  2. Provisional Retreat: Once a year, traditionally in July, Provisional Members will gather at Pine Lake for a two-day retreat that focuses on relationship building and the Provisional process.
  3. Provisional Workshops: Twice a year the Provisional Members will have an opportunity to continue their education with lectures on different topics related to theology and practice of ministry.

If you are planning on retiring, please have your retirement letter request to the Episcopal office and to Rev. Ty Hines (BOM) by December 1st of each year. Additional information about retirement from ministry can be found in the Book of Discipline ❡357.