What Are Apportionments?

The main way we support the ministries of the larger United Methodist Church is through apportionments, a method of giving that proportionally allocates the church wide budget to conferences and local churches.

For United Methodists this method of giving has become a strong, generous tradition. Together, through our connected congregations, we accomplish what no single church, district or annual conference ever could hope to do alone. In this way, each individual, each family, each congregation gives a fair share for the church’s work. We combine our prayers, presence, gifts and service to make a significant difference in the lives of God’s people.

Our impact as 12.5 million United Methodists, in 136 countries, is phenomenal. Together we witness to the love of Jesus Christ for a hurting world and transform lives and communities in his name.

Your Apportionment Dollars at Work

Your Apportionment Dollars Planned for 2024

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Online Apportionment Giving

Electronic payment of Apportionments and Special Giving
Over half of our churches are now using Ministry Financials to make apportionment and special giving payments and are finding it easy to use. Click here for instructions to set up payments from your checking account.
Here is a link to the software:  MissionConnect: Ministry Financials (

Apportionments Paid by Wisconsin Churches

The Wisconsin Conference Budget is apportioned to United Methodist Churches through out the state, as shown below in the apportionment formula. 

Click the links below for apportionment reports for the current and prior years. These reports list each church, the amount apportioned, the amount paid and the percentage paid. The churches are listed by district.

Apportionment Formula

Each United Methodist Annual Conference has the authority to decide its own formula for the apportionments to local churches within its boundary. Annual conferences can use different approaches to determining the formula; for example, some use membership, others use expenses or income. The Wisconsin Annual Conference uses a formula based one-third on professing membership and two-thirds on local expenses.

Local church expenses are defined as all pastor’s salaries and travel, utilities, current expenses and local church program expenses. Each church is discounted 25 members before this formula is computed and newly-chartered congregations are apportioned on January 1 following chartering.

Click below to see sample applications of the current and prior year formulas.