Inside the framework of Imagining Wisconsin Anew, the Wisconsin Conference is developing several strategies for the planting of new churches all across America’s Dairy land. These strategies include:

  • The strength of District Strategy Teams (DST) through training and regular and intentional consultation between DST and Circuit and local churches in order to identify potential communities and geographical areas to start new churches
  • Implementation of a very intentional accountability system that help everyone out on the continued discernment process of ‘new church start’ feasibility.  This system is based on Shepherding teams assigned to each ‘new church start’
  • The training and dissemination of a new paradigm for planting new churches based on PATH1 strategy: "The Seven Seasons of Planting a Church". This ‘new church start’ process is being used for each one of the ‘new church starts’ in the Wisconsin Conference
  • The intentional recruitment and training of ‘Church planters’ through The Institute of Congregational Development designed especially for the needs and dynamics of our communities in Badger State.

All of these strategies have the main purpose of “creating a culture of permanent and constant growth” in each one of the lives of the people called Methodist in Wisconsin.