Imagining Wisconsin Anew

Bishop Hee-Soo Jung is inviting all of us to Imagine Wisconsin Anew by being passionate about inviting new people into a relationship with Jesus Christ through our existing congregations and new faith communities.

United Methodists in Wisconsin are a wonderfully diverse people seeking to live faithfully and witness to the love of God in Jesus Christ. Over the next few years, the United Methodists of Wisconsin are committed to exploring together what God is calling us to do: seeking to follow the mandate of Scripture to "bear good fruit."

Imagine Wisconsin Anew is an effort to bear good fruit by serving new people, diverse people, young people, elderly people, all people. The Wisconsin cultural and demographic landscape is changing, so United Methodists need to pay careful attention to the culture changes where there are United Methodist congregations. We are called to invest in new communities around the Conference waiting for ministry to be offered; and provide direction and forming productive responses, rather than simply reacting to changes. Imagine Wisconsin Anew means looking at who Wisconsin United Methodists are, the choices we can make, and the opportunities for transformation and vital witness.