Sue D'Alessio
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Sherry Malone
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Wisconsin Conference North East district map highlight Wherever the Creator tends and prunes and cultivates and nurtures, we will grow and bear fruit. Wherever the hands of Christ heal, wherever the words of Christ challenge and encourage, we will follow and care. Wherever the winds of the Spirit blow, wherever the embers of the Spirit burn, we will witness and serve. We are people of faith, disciples of Jesus Christ, those who serve and give in a spirit of gratitude to the glory of God. We are people of the United Methodist Church, connected to one another to transform this world in the name and spirit of Jesus Christ. Thanks be to God!

Welcome to a new district and a new Conference year. July 1 begins my second year as a District Superintendent. You have welcomed me into your churches and lives with grace and care. Thank you.

Together across this past year, we have planned and dreamed together as we met in many of your congregations, as clergy and ministry colleagues, and as people of United Methodist faith. There have been blessings and complaints, frustrations and joys – all in the context of living out and growing in faith and discipleship. Thank you for your support, your faithfulness, and your generous and caring service in the name of Jesus Christ.

As we move into this next year in this new alignment of districts and circuits, I invite us all to take this as an opportunity to open our hearts, our minds, and the doors of our churches – to welcome new people, new ideas, new ministries, new opportunities – and to go into our communities to be with the people to listen, to care, to serve, to enjoy – and follow wherever God’s Spirit is leading.

In this Conference year of “cultivating and nurturing,” what new opportunities has God planted in your neighborhood that are awaiting our care and tending? What fruits of the Spirit are you allowing to ripen for God’s harvest? Where is God pruning and weeding in your lives so that hurts can be healed, grumpy thoughts and behavior can be let go, and new room created for healthy, faithful and vibrant growth?

How can we serve together to be faithful, fruitful and alive people of God in our North East District? How can I serve you in better ways? How can we be deeply present with one another so that we can listen deeply, speak with wisdom and witness to the glories of all that God is creating in our midst? How will our actions speak our faith so loudly that others will experience the presence of God?

I look forward to a year of fruitful growth, cultivating this North East garden of God with you.

See you around the garden!

Joy and peace,

Sue D'Alessio