Since July 1, 2017

Posted January 16, 2018

  • Mark Geisthardt from Retirement to Clintonville (eff. 1-1-2018)
  • Howard Hintzman from Stevens Point: St Paul's - The Springs to Retirement (eff. 7-1-2018)

Posted December 13, 2017

  • Bill Beaton from Fond du Lac: Salem to Retirement (eff. 7-1-2018)
  • Rey Diaz from Sparta to Retirement (eff. 7-1-2018)
  • Bruce Fenner from General Board of Higher Education and Ministry to Retirement (eff. 10-1-2017)
  • Don Francis from Racine: Trinity, Racine: Faith to Retirement (eff. 7-1-2018)
  • Michael Morning from Ripon: Immanuel to Retirement (eff. 7-1-2018)
  • Lynn Schreck from Wauzeka: St Paul's, Eastman: Salem to Retirement (eff. 7-1-2018)
  • Richard Steele from Seattle Pacific University to Retirement (eff. 7-1-2018)
  • Barbara Wells from Edgerton to Retirement (eff. 7-1-2018)
  • John Wells from Elm Grove: Community to Retirement (eff. 7-1-2018)

Posted December 12, 2017

  • Ann Bullis from Clintonville to Discontinued (eff. 12-1-2017)
  • Chan Gok Kim from Iowa Conference to Appleton: Zion (eff. 10-1-2017)
  • Shannon Mattison from Ono-Plum City, Maiden Rock to Boyceville, Wheeler, Prairie Farm: Faith (eff. 10-1-2017)
  • Jane Sommers from Retirement to Mishicot: Zion (eff. 9-1-2017)
  • Gilbert White from Retirement to Turtle Lake: Parkview (eff. 9-1-2017)

Posted October 23, 2017

  • Dario Hernandez from Stevens Point: St Paul's - The Springs to Approved but Not Appointed (eff. 9-30-2017)

Posted August 25, 2017

  • Sudhama Ananda from Turtle Lake: Parkview to Discontinued (eff. 8-8-2017)
  • Jonanthan Loomis to Oconomowoc, Watertown Regional Ministry (eff. 10-1-2017)
  • Jay C Xiong to Wausau: Wesley (eff. 10-1-2017)

Posted August 15, 2017

  • Jeanne Jones from Blue River, Avoca to Retirement (eff. 9-1-2017)
  • Lourdes Magalhaes to Marshfield: Wesley (eff. 9-1-2017)
  • Daniel Whitford to Blue River, Avoca (eff. 9-1-2017)

Posted August 1, 2017

  • Laura Riemer to Green Bay Peace, Denmark: Zion (eff. 8-1-2017)

Posted July 28, 2017

  • Sang Yeoul You to Forest Junction: Zion (eff. 7-15-2017)
  • Joel Deaner-Rogers from Marshfield: Wesley to Fond du Lac: Covenant (eff. 7-15-2017)
  • Yeng Yang from Green Bay: Peace, Denmark: Zion to New Berlin: Agape UM Ministry (eff. 7-15-2017)
  • Claire Mather to Mondovi: Our Savior's, Gilmanton (eff. 8-1-2017)
  • Andrew Oren from Milwaukee: Bay View to Retirement (eff. 9-1-2017)

Since July 1, 2016

Posted June 12, 2017

  • Janet Hartzell from Greenfield: Memorial to Port Washington: Grand Avenue (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Paul Messmer to Rockland (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Nhia Wahn Her from East Troy: St. James to East Troy, Caldwell Good Samaritan Shared Ministry (eff. 7-1-17)
  • John Oliver from Montfort, Cobb: Pulpit Supply to Montfort, Cobb: Licensed Local Pastor (eff. 7-1-17)

Posted June 5, 2017

  • Robert Yarbrough to Union Grove (eff. 7-1-17)

Posted May 30, 2017

  • Don Drollinger from Port Washington: Grand Avenue to Chippewa Falls: Zion, Hallie (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Jorge Ochoa from Sheboygan: Wesley to Orfordville: New Horizon (eff. 7-1-17)

Posted May 22, 2017

  • Dong Su Lee from Sabbatical Leave to Appleton: St. James and Oneida (eff. 7-1-17)

Posted May 16, 2017

  • Clement, Douglas from Wild Rose, Hancock UCC to Menomonee Falls: Emmanuel Community (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Priewe, Pam to Wild Rose, Hancock UCC (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Whitford, Elizabeth from Reedsburg to Appleton: First (eff. 7-1-17)

Posted May 1, 2017

  • Listowel Ayensu-Mensah from Chippewa Falls: Zion, Hallie to Greenville: Faith (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Ann Bullis from Oneida to Clintonville (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Dario Hernandez from Mishicot: Zion to Stevens Point: St. Paul's - The Springs (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Kelly Jahn from Johnson Creek to Juda: Zion, Oakley: Union (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Rebecca Kindschi from Retirement to Poy Sippi, Borth (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Mark Klaisner from Appleton: St. James to Seymour: New Life (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Claire Mather to Mondovi: Our Savior's, Gilmanton (eff. 8-1-17)
  • Tim Matthaei from Retirement to Hammond, New Centerville (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Jayneann McIntosh from Appleton: First to Wausau: First (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Gail Ray from Orfordville: New Horizon to Mosinee (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Kellen Roggenbuck to Jefferson: Immanuel (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Stephanie Taylor from Menomonee Falls: Emmanuel Community to Hartford: First (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Cheryl Weaver from Attending School to Platteville (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Mark Weaver from Transferred to Indiana to Lancaster (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Elizabeth Weed from West Allis: Blessed Hope to West Allis/Greenfield Regional Ministry (West Allis: Blessed Hope, Greenfield: Memorial) (eff. 7-1-17)

Posted April 3, 2017

  • Stanton Bockwoldt from Mosinee to Shullsburg: Centenary (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Josh Bourget to Bloomer, New Auburn (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Vicki Brantmeyer from Juda: Zion, Oakley: Union to Reedsburg (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Paul Johnsen from Hartford: First to Fort Atkinson: First (eff. 7-1-17)
  • In Sun Lee to Tomahawk, Spirit (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Allison Scott to Neenah: The Family Church (eff. 7-1-17)

Posted March 14, 2017

  • Paola Benecchi from Neenah: The Family Church, La Nueva Jeruselen to Waukesha: Salem (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Rebecca Henry from Seymour: New Life to Neenah: First (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Hyeok Won Kwon to Marshfield: Zion, Spencer (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Jeffrey Meyer from Shullsburg: Centenary to Watertown: Christ (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Keith Wolf from Clintonville to Rhinelander: First (eff. 7-1-17)

Posted March 13, 2017

  • Janis Blean-Kachigan from Extension Ministries: Froedert Health to Retirement (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Michael Carlson from Marshfield: Zion, Spencer to Retirement (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Joan Deming from Executive Director, Pilgrims of Ibilin to Retirement eff. 1-1-18
  • Dale Engen from Mondovi: Our Savior's, Gilmanton to Retirement (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Mark Geisthardt from Neenah: First to Retirement (eff. 7-1-17)
  • George Groves from Poy Sippi, Borth to Retirement (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Ki Sung Kim from Medical Leave to Retirement (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Ronald Kral from Watertown: Christ to Retirement (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Timothy Matthaei from Boyceville, Wheeler: Grace, Prairie Farm: Faith to Retirement (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Donald Olm from Greenville: Faith to Retirement (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Jean Schmidt from Lancaster to Retirement (eff. 7-1-17)
  • David Wilkinson from Green Bay: First to Retirement (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Brenda Wingfield from Madison: Bashford to Retirement (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Steven Zekoff from Conference Benefits Officer to Retirement (deferred from 9-1-16) (eff. 7-1-17)

Posted February 16, 2017

  • Paul Armstrong from Brown Deer to Medical Leave (eff. 1-1-17)
  • Robert McClintock from Eau Claire: Hope to Green Bay: Bethany (eff. 1-1-17)
  • Jeffrey Nicholas from Beaver Dam: Trinity to Medical Leave (eff. 1-1-17)
  • Brian Cook from Cambridge: Willerup to Retirement (eff. 2-1-17)
  • John Hobbins from Oshkosh: First to Not Appointed (eff. 2-15-17)
  • Hyejung Hwang from Stevens Point: St Paul's - The Springs to Eau Claire: Hope (eff. 2-15-17)
  • Cherie Forret from Eau Claire: Lake Street to Beaver Dam: Trinity (eff. 3-1-17)
  • Jorge Mayorga Solis from Waukesha: Salem to Extension Ministry: Director of Congregational Development (eff. 3-15-17)
  • Marvin Singh from Reedsburg to Cambridge Regional Shared Ministry (eff. 4-1-17)
  • Russ Frees from Fort Atkinson: First to Oshkosh: First (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Debra Hastings from Tomahawk, Spirit to Waupun (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Jerry Morris from Wausau: First to Eau Claire: Lake Street (eff. 7-1-17)
  • Ellen Rasmussen from Rhinelander: First to Brown Deer (eff. 7-1-17)

Posted October 1, 2016

  • William Busch from Richland Center: Peace; Richland Center: Trinity to Waterford Community (eff. 7-15-16)
  • Jerald McCarty from Waupun to Not Appointed (eff. 7-15-16)
  • Enrique Gonzalez from Extension Ministry: ICD to Leave of Absence (eff. 7-31-16)
  • Domnik Israel from Retirement to Cudahy (eff. 8-1-16)
  • Gary Owens to Beloit: Henderson (eff. 8-1-16)
  • Paul Yoder from Retirement to Waupun (eff. 8-15-16)
  • Wiley Gladney from Oshkosh: Wesley to Richland Center: Peace; Richland Center: Trinity (eff. 9-1-16)
  • Mary Balson from Retirement to Oshkosh: Wesley (eff. 9-1-16)
  • Ki Sung Kim from Green Bay: Bethany to Personal Leave (eff. 10-1-16)
  • David Byers-Dent from Columbus Fall River to Leave of Absence (eff. 10-1-16)
  • Janice Starr from Richland Center: Peace; Richland Center: Trinity to Bloom City, Boaz (eff. 10-1-16)

Posted July 15, 2016

  • Lee Bushweiler from Arlington to Wisconsin Dells-Delton, Davis Corners (eff. 7-15-16)
  • Anna-Lisa Hunter to La Crosse: Wesley (eff. 7-15-16)
  • Wesley Jacob from Wisconsin Dells-Delton, Davis Corners to Elroy, Wonewoc (eff. 7-15-16)
  • PyungAhn "Peace" Kim from Elroy, Wonewoc to Whitefish Bay (eff. 7-15-16)
  • Thomas Moe from Transitional Leave to Arlington (eff. 7-15-16)
  • Ann Scott from Family Leave to Extension Ministry: UM Hospitals Ministry (eff. 7-1-16)
  • Janice Starr to Richland Center Regional Ministry (eff. 7-15-16)

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