Charge/Church Conferences Information and End-of-Year Report Forms

(U.M. Book of Discipline ¶246-249)

Annual Charge/Church Conference Procedures

For the schedule of the 2016 Charge/Church Conferences, a presiding elder(s) will be assigned by the District Superintendent. The presiding elder assigned to your congregation or charge will be contacting you directly, to set a date and time. The presiding elder will communicate the date and time of the church/charge conference to the district office requesting a letter of authorization to conduct these conferences.

All active elders will be assigned to preside at a church/charge conference other than at their current appointment.

Presiding elders are responsible for organizing the annual church/charge conferences, in consultation with the District Superintendent. They may be held:

  • For the entire circuit at one central location
  • For some, but not all, of the churches as a group
  • As individual charges/churches
  • Each clergy then informs her/his administrative council/board/team the date and procedure that will be followed at their charge/church conference.
  • Support Worksheets are due ten days before a charge/church conference. Worksheets must be sent to the district office.
  • Other items as noted on the included "Items Needed by Superintendent & Dates Due" sheet. Because the DS will not be at all charge/church conferences, it is important that all needed forms and paperwork be forwarded in a timely fashion.

Please Note: The compensation package must be approved at the Charge/Church Conference. The clergy is responsible to see that the completed and SIGNED Support Worksheet and Report Form is sent or delivered to the District Superintendent's office for review NO LATER THAN (ten) 10 days prior to the scheduled Charge/Church Conference. If the form is not submitted by the deadline, the presiding leader, in consultation with the DS, is responsible for the rescheduling of the Conference.

Immediately following the charge/church conference:

  • The presiding elder emails the district superintendent and the district office manager stating that the charge/church conference was completed and commenting on the general tenor of the conference and any issues that came up where follow-up is needed.
  • Each clergy must submit minutes of a charge/church conference to the district office within five days of the charge/church conference. In the event of a multiple charge/church conference, it will be the responsibility of the clergy of the designated recording secretary to submit the minutes.
  • Complete items as noted on the "Items Needed by Superintendent & Dates Due" sheet.